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Yoga Jeans

Second Jeans Are Simply the Most Comfortable Jeans in the World

The Second Team have successfully developed and produced a jean that combines fashion and comfort while retaining denim's sex appeal.


Made only from top quality denim containing 97% brushed cotton and 3% elastane, combined with a six piece waistband the Second Yoga Jean hugs all of your body's curves in any position. Thanks to it's revolutionary diagonal stretch, special weave, and AAA shape memory denim, the Second Yoga Jean also helps contour, lengthen and cling to your body while keeping their shape.

  1. Second is a Montréal Brand. Made in Canada.

  2. Second Jeans are made with premium Italian and Japanese denim.

  3. Second Denims have up to 92% memory - rated the highest in the world. This Memory guarantees that the jeans will retain their fit and shape.

  4. Second Jeans mould to your body like Second Skin.

  5. Second Jeans have a 34 inseam.

  6. Second denim is dipped in a special silicone formula which allows the denim to be soft and comfortable,

  7. Second Jeans have contoured a waistband which ensures a flattering fit.

  8. Celebrities like Halle Barry, Courtney Cox, Jessica Simpson and Alicia Keys, jut to name a few, wear Second Jeans.

  9. Every Second Jeans is hand crafted on an individual basis to give them an authentic vintage look. With this unique attention to detail no two Second Jeans are exactly alike.